For more information on the SUPPORT-CSSP Project:

Telefax: (+63 2) 9263486
(look for Ms. Marilou Mendoza or Ms. Remigia Pagador)

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Oblation image taken from the UP Artist's Circle Fraternity mural (1996)



Who may donate?

Both single and multiple donors can donate.

What projects can I donate funds to?

You may donate funds to any of the projects listed below (based on cost estimates where applicable). Funds may also be contributed to the General Fund, which would be allocated for the different projects.
  1. Building Fund
    Names of donors shall be acknowleged in a brass marker in designated areas.
    Palma Hall Restoration and Modernization Project and PHAN Renovation Project
    • Modernization of a wing in one floor of Palma Hall
    • Conversion of a classroom into a smart classroom
    • Construction of lecture halls or research laboratories
    • Restoration of artworks and the lobbies
    • Pooling of resources for the modernization of classrooms

    CSSP Faculty Center
    • Construction of a wing of the new Faculty Center
    • Building of a room in the Faculty Center

    Student Pavillions
    • Construction of the student pavillions

  2. Faculty Development Fund
    • Creation of professorial chairs / research awards

  3. Student-Centered Learning Fund
    • Supporting the continuing education of poor but deserving students

  4. General Fund
    • Contribution of an amount of P1000 and above to be pooled for the different projects.


I want to make a donation. How do I do it?

Follow the following steps:

Step 1:Contact the SSPRF through Ms. Marilou Mendoza or Ms. Remigia Pagador at telefax (+63 2) 9263486 or send email to or to express your intention to support a particular project, to obtain cost estimates and other procedures. Donors in the U.S. who wish to avail of tax deduction benefits may contact the Friends of U.P. Foundation in America, Inc. at tel no. (312) 664-1254 or email

Step 2:Following donation guidelines, you may:

  1. Issue a crossed check or send bank transfer to SSPRF and fill out the form to indicate the project to which you are donating.
  2. Pledge an amount if you are not ready to send your donation.
Click here to download the donation form.