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The Restoration and Modernization of
Palma Hall / AS Project

The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) is the steward of Palma Hall, which UP alumni fondly remember as the AS (Arts and Sciences) or LA (Liberal Arts) building, depending on their year of graduation from the University. Despite the split of the old College of Arts and Sciences into three colleges, Palma Hall continues to beat with the pulse of students from different units of UP Diliman. It is the place to see other students and to be seen. In more ways than one, Palma Hall or AS is the heart of the UP Diliman.

The Renovation of Palma Hall Annex

CSSP is also the steward of the Palma Hall Annex (PHAN) and sections of Benton Hall. The UP Diliman administration has provided funds for the renovation of comfort rooms and maintenance work in PHAN. Additional funds are now being sourced for its rewiring.

The CSSP Faculty Center Fund

Improvements in the Palma Hall and Palma Hall Annex classroom facilities, however, ought to be complemented with the provision of a working environment for the faculty that is conducive to creative thinking and productivity. At present, most of the members of the CSSP faculty occupy rooms in the Faculty Center (FC) that it shares with the College of Arts and Letters. Over the years, the FC has become extremely congested, with four to five faculty members in the Department of Philosophy sharing the room meant for one individual. To address this problem, Chancellor Roman and President Nemenzo allocated funds to begin the construction of a Faculty Center behind the Palma Hall Annex.

The CSSP Student Pavillions

In the fulfillment of its educational mission, CSSP strives continually to reinvent its disciplines and enhance the relevance of classroom education. It also fosters the development of student organizations that promote academic excellence, appreciation of Filipino culture and arts, awareness of social issues and a deep sense of community and the common good. Aware of the importance of geographic spaces for increased social interaction and participation, CSSP has provided tambayans/kiosks for 28 academic and social organizations long before the University mandated it. These tambayans have served as venues where activities that support the mission of the College are planned and organized.


Professorial Chair

The award of a professorial chair has been the university's established tradition of recognizing excellence among its faculty. The grant of a professorial chair not only recognizes the individual's expertise and excellence but also allows that person the freedom to engage in a chosen research or design a project free from the restrictions normally imposed by other funding agencies. By providing flexibility and freedom, creativity and academic productivity are promoted and allowed to flourish. Thus, chairs may be used not only to reward good performance but also as incentives to encourage and promote basic research, academic productivity and publication among the faculty.


The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy has the mission of educating future leaders in whatever branch of knowledge or sectors they find themselves in. Its task is to nurture the life of the mind and the spirit of students who should be emotionally whole for the challenges ahead. For decades, the College has concentrated on developing the intellectual capabilities of its students, expecting them to perform well regardless of social class or personal circumstances. In recent years, however, the faculty has realized the importance of paying closer attention to the economic and psychological needs of individual students who are intelligent but either do not have the economic means or the psychological well-being to achieve academically and graduate from the University of the Philippines.