Admission to  Undergraduate Programs 











Studies leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees offered at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

BA Anthropology
Provides the students with the holistic understanding of the individual, the environment, and culture as well as training in anthropological theories.

BS Geography
Lays the foundation, theories and principles of spatial relationships, resources and development, and the location of settlements.

BA History
Equips the student with the necessary training in modern historical methodology and prepares him/her for teaching, research or employment in institutions and agencies devoted to the advancement of scholarships in the field of history, civilization and cultural studies.

BA Linguistics
Provides the student with the fundamentals of contemporary linguistics theories and methodologies which will enable him/her to study language scientifically for translation work, teaching and research.

BA Philosophy
Provides the student with the fundamentals and foundations of classical and contemporary philosophical theories with emphasis on analytic philosophy, logic, logic of science, ethics and epistemology, and their respective application to current issues in social sciences.

BA Political Science
Prepares the student for a career in teaching, research, or employment in the private sector or public service such as the foreign service. It offers a regular 4 year BA Pol. Sci. and a 5 year BA- MA Pol. Sci. (honors course).

BA/BS Psychology
Provides the student exposure to the wide range of psychological theories and research methodologies which can be useful preparation for further professional training as psychologists, medical doctors, lawyers or for work in schools, industry, media, and other social agencies in various capacities involving research, counseling, psychological testing, personnel work, training and planning.

BA Sociology
Provides the student with an analytical perspective to enable him/her to better understand societal organization and processes in preparation for a career in teaching, research, and applied work.