Training Workshop on Basic Database Management System

Delving into the institution that is the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy shows us the immense amount of internal paperwork and documentation that constitutes the academic life of each student that roams its halls. As a response to the growing demand for a more effective and systematized data handling program, the Computer Laboratory, in partnership with the Office of the Dean, conducted a four (4) day workshop that tackled the fundamentals of data management. The training workshop, which was scheduled from the 8th to the 11th of August, included participants from the administrative personnel of the different departments and offices of CSSP. It featured a variety of basic to intermediate lessons and training activities that were geared to hone each participant’s understanding of the Microsoft Office Access program. With the use of the desktop computers of PH 117, each participant was given a first-hand opportunity to experience the data encoding process of MS Access. Facilitated by instructor and Information Technology Officer Virgilio D. Llenaresas, the workshop proper featured step-by-step data encoding procedures for transmuting raw data into MS Access organized information. From forms, file submissions, updated research documentation, and report layouts, the data and information from each type of source were categorized, relisted and adapted to fit easy-access tables and charts in MS Access. The workshop also focused on Data Base Management to prepare the administrative personnel for the requirements of the Performance Based Bonus of 2017 (PBB 2017).

The PBB and Database Management Systems
The PBB is the incentive-based subcomponent of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RBPMS) used within and among the different government offices in the country. The PBB and the other components of the RBPMS go hand-in-hand to develop transparency, good governance practices, budget-to-output monitoring, and streamlining for the frontline services of the different agencies. This is why it is key for the requirements of the PBB to be accurately presented. Each bit of information plays a role in reflecting the output of the CSSP and in turn the Diliman system.

Challenge of the times
The changing times and the ever increasing number of files, paperwork, and documents being handled by the different offices or the CSSP only necessitates the development of more effective means of data management and retrieval. The fast-paced lifestyle of the current age inevitably pushes all existing system to upgrade and keep up. The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy along with its dedicated roster of staff, officers, and faculty are doing their best to provide top-notch service and learning to all the hopeful students that walk through its doors.

Mr. LLenaresas assisting one of the participants with their chart formula

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