CompLab maintains web servers to host the college and department websites, and college databases.

Websites hosted by CompLab

  • College website
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Psychology
  • Social Science and Philosophy Research Foundation (SSPRF)


WEBsite Design

A major thrust of CompLab is the development of meaningful and relevant online content for the social sciences and philosophy. In line with this goal, the CompLab is tasked to design, maintain and develop the CSSP website.


*Content update/Website Design

  • Only requests coming from the offices and college departments will be entertained by CompLab.
  • All web design jobs shall henceforth follow an approval process.
  • Requests shall be relayed in a formal letter addressed to the Computer Laboratory coordinator, stating the purpose and intent of the proposed web project.
  • The contracting party shall submit all needed materials for inclusion in the website and in electronic form only. Only photos owned by members of the department shall be accepted for inclusion
  • CompLab will not be responsible for encoding content for the contracting party's website.
  • Project timeline must be discussed together with the CompLab web designer
  • After a project is approved the contracting party shall be guided by the following procedures:
    • It would be useful for you to answer the following questions:
      • Who is my target audience?
      • What does the site need to communicate?
      • How do I prefer the site to be organized?
      • Does the department/office/program have logo that can be used?
      • What kind of photographs do you prefer to include in the page/site?
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