SSPRF Purposes and Objectives

  1. To conduct and support basic and applied research and scholarly work in the social sciences and philosophy;
  2. To support the publication and dissemination of research findings and the output of projects conducted under the auspices of the Foundation;
  3. To establish and maintain funds or grants in support of faculty development programs in the social sciences and philosophy;
  4. To manage and assist research projects and educational programs which may be initiated and established in furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation;
  5. To receive and/or give grants, gifts, legacies, donations, contributions, endowments and financial aids, and to make use of them as seed funds necessary to carry out the purposes and objectives of the foundation;
  6. To receive assignments of patents, grants, and exclusive rights to outputs of social sciences and philosophy research use and to charge reasonable fees.
  7. To invest or exchange any portion of its seed funds, revenues, earnings, or capital calculated to enhance the value of its properties and funds;
  8. To make, perform, and carry out contracts of every kind and description pertaining to purposes of the Foundation to borrow or raise money with or without collateral, if and when necessary to promote the best interests of the Foundation, consistent with its purposes set forth.