Project Portfolio

(Comparative Studies of the Political Economy of Resources and Violence in the Philippines) aims at analyzing the political economy resources in the Philippines through case studies (Mindanao, Negros and Palawan) – Third World Studies Center
A project which aims at increasing the coping capacity of the country in natural disasters at the professional and local levels while taking account of local knowledge. Its final objective is the valorization of indigenous knowledge in order to implement public policies for managing/prevention of natural hazards more efficiently and more relevantly. The project intends to implement, in three pilot regions, geographical research, and ethnographic and historical workshops on local traditions in matters of disaster and wider relationships with the environment particularly on indigenous resilience and adaptation to disaster together with the interpretation of these events. The expected outcomes consist in empowering local communities and providing date for scientific research. Four co-supervised theses in anthropology, geography, and history will be prepared and will make specific input on the issues of “indigenous knowledge and indigenous resilience. – Dr. Nestor T. Castro, Project Leader
A case study of health devolution in ZFF partner municipalities in the Philippines. It is a study that seeks to answer the question: How did the investments in health sector affect the re-election bid of the local chief executives (LCEs) in select ZFF-partner municipalities in the 2013 Local Elections? – Prof. Jan Robert Go, Project Leader
– Mr. Miguel Paolo P. Reyes, Project Leader


  • Cybersex in the Anti-Development State: Labor Politics and Life Histories (Third World Studies Center)– Ms. Elinor May Cruz, Project Leader
  • Cost and Psychosocial Effects to the Family of Renal Replacement Therapy - Dr. Marie Joy B. Arguillas, Project Leader
  • Making our Strategy Right for Sex Workers in the Philippines - Dr. Josefina R. Natividad, Project Leader
  • Psychosocial and Economic Outcomes of Anonymous Kidney Donors under the Regulated Living Non-related Donor Program of the National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI) - Dr. Marie Joy B. Arguillas, Project Leader 
  • Population Leadership Development Program – Dr. Maria Theresa Batangan, Project Leader
  • Benchmarking the Fairness of Health Sector Reform in the Philippines – Dr. Michael L. Tan, Project Leader
  • Regional Conference Workshop on Disseminating Peace in Southeast Asia (Third World Studies Center) – Dr. Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem, Project Leader
  • Geographic Information Systems and their Applications to Natural Hazards and Disaster Management
  • Curriculum Development and Intensive Training in Research Ethics – Dr. Leonardo D. De Castro, Project Leader
  • Research Capabilities in Sexuality; Sexual and Reproductive Health in Southeast Asia – Dr. Michael L. Tan, Project Leader
  • Research Fellowship Program in Gender and Sexuality Building Research Capabilities for Sexual Health in Southeast and East Asia – Dr. Michael L. Tan, Project Leader
  • Strengthening Local Capacity in Responding to the Challenges of Globalization: A Certificate Course on Globalization and Democratic Governance for Local Government Units and Civil Society
  • Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • The Life and Times of Manuel Roxas: An Oral History Project
  • Comparative Study of Health Transitions in Later Life
  • Education Curriculum Enhancement (for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management)
  • Social and Psychological Consequences of International Migration on Filipino Urban and Rural Families
  • Training on Policy and Project Development for Health Sector Reform
  • Donor – Supported Research Capacity Building in the South: the Case of Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam
  • Assessing the Performance of the Ted Turner NGOs: A Participatory Evaluation
  • Multi-Indicator Cluster Survey
  • Philippine Democracy Agenda
  • Revitalized Guidance Program in the Philippine High School System
  • Ethnographic Survey of the Philippine Negrito population
  • Popularizing the Philippine Revolution
  • Inisyatibo sa Pag-aaral ng Etnolinguistikong Grupo (IPEG)
  • Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • Southeast Asian Regional Exchange Program
  • Regional Conference on Southeast Asia